Molton Brown Interactive Articles

A series of WeChat articles design for Molton Brown London
(Chinese Market)

Project Summary

During my time at PingPong Digital, I was responsible for creating Molton Brown’s WeChat article. To make these long articles more interesting to read, I made them interactive and used a lot of textures in designing the full page, while also adhering to Molton Brown’s sophisticated branding guidelines. These long articles essentially had an e-magazine layout specifically designed to fit on your phone screen.


After receiving the copy from the content team, I searched for images and elements that I could use to fit each week's theme. I used a lot of earthy tones to match MB's branding and made sure that the text was not too cluttered so that it still had an airy feel.

Chinese Social Media Channel

WeChat article is one of the most efficient ways of marketing in China. This WeChat-powered content is an HTML page hosted by WeChat that offers quite a bit of flexibility in terms of design and layout to engage and convert readers.

Screen recordings
(press play)