Café CA Downtown

Rebranding a café in Porto, Portugal

Project Summary

Proudly family-run, Restaurante Carlos Alberto has been a staple in the community for a long time. However, as times change and people’s tastes shift, the family behind the restaurant has decided to transform it into a new coffee shop, renaming it as CA Downtown. This transition will give patrons an updated and modern menu for those seeking a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to sip on their favorite coffee blends and nibble on tasty treats.


Taking inspirations from the famous Portuguese Azulejo Tiles, we have chosen this marine blue as the brand's primary colour. It is also a nod to it's Carlos Alberto's old branding.


Because the CA family did not want too much changes in the shop, they've decided to keep their old interior design. However they really want to shift to a more modern branding - the solution was combining serif and sans serif fonts.

Project IMAGes