Translate Plus Mobile Site

Rremake of the Translate plus website,
a translating service company under Publicis groupe

Project Summary

Translate Plus, a translation company under Publicis Groupe, needed a website makeover due to the increasing popularity of their product. I took on the role of a supporting designer in this project. The main site was created by the senior web designer, and I supported him in the development. I also created the mobile version of the site, based on the design of the main site.

This project took slightly over 6 months from kick-off to the design sign-off. Working closely with the project manager and content manager, we have review session every few weeks to ensure everything is going smoothly, and changes are up to date. The site is currently being build by the Publicis Development team.


The main goal of this project was to create a more accessible and simple user journey for the users. As it is a business website, the objective is to primarily focus on the services provided by T+ and then its people. Lastly, the job openings section is to be considered. Additionally, the mobile design has horizontal navigation to minimize vertical scrolling for users and make sub-contents under one page more visible.


Contrary to the old website's UI design, which was bright and red and had a lot of information, the new UI has an overall dark and sleek design. This new design is meant to project TP+'s professional services to its international clients. The UI prototypes were created solely with Adobe XD, and then they were sent to the development team to work on.

Project IMAGes

Project Summary

TP+ provides a lot of different services, and each services has a lot of contents to show, the old website uses a bright theme in order to make these content more readable. However, one critical problem we found in the old website is that there are too many different categories in the navigation. For the new website design, instead of putting the content into small little groups, we have divided them into 5 main pages. A lot of the content will be rewritten so that gave us more creative freedom at the beginning.

Project IMAGes