An NFT Collectible product

Project Summary

The world of digital assets are growing. Crypto-currencies and crypto-collectibles are now becoming more and more popular among the global market, some brands are adapting to this immersing trend by selling digital only products. These crypto-collectibles exists on the blockchain and have their very own digital footprint, they are only purchasable using crypto-currencies.

This brief is to create a brand new digital asset – it could be a game or just simply a collectable. MERAKI is a digital product that could easily engage with users that are beginners in crypto technologies and collectibles, especial- ly females users. I will be creating my very own digital collectible brand that appeals to audience with little interests in digital collectibles.


Considering that the collectibles should let users feel calm and peaceful, I have illustrated this praying posture girl as my final design. The 3 unified design points are Red face paint - they resembles courage and love. The praying gesture resembles hope and restfulness, and the crossed seated & white dress resembles calm and peace.

NFT Insights

The crypto market today is extremely male-dominant, majority of crypto-collectable traders on the market are male, female are less likely to be involved in buying or trading with crypto-currency. This brand aims to target innovative and creative 22 - 35 years old that has past experience or interest in physical/digital collectibles, while we welcome user of all gender to participate in our project, the art direction and tone of voice will be set to attract mostly female users.

Project IMAGes