Editorial Design for Dissertation

An editorial project for my BA dissertation – on Chinese Consumerism

Project Summary

After completing my BA dissertation back in 2020, we were briefed to create a designed and printed version that’s publish-ready. I had the idea to create a counterfeit issue of “The Chinese Consumerism Post”, where I employed the art of Chinese calligraphy.


To achieve a vintage and realistic look, I searched for fonts that were actually used in 1960s China. It was then that I accidentally discovered a font named "Mao's Calligraphy." I used this font as a heading for the words "Contextual Studies" in Chinese, as a nod to the content about the Cultural Revolution that Mao initiated.


Using traditional Chinese colours which are red, blue, and yellow, I aim to create a rustic, old print with visuals such as fish and wheat, which have significant importance in Chinese culture. The finished product was printed on newsprint for a realistic newspaper effect.

Project IMAGes