Lady Prairie Wine

Branding and Editorial Design Project

Project Summary

Lady Praire is a wine brochure editorial design project, aimed at showcasing a diverse range of wines from all around the world. I undertook the role of branding and editorial designer in this self-motivated project.

The main objective is to create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing brochure that wine lovers will be collecting. After all, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as proudly showcasing a unique collection of wine brochures in your very own home.


Lady Prairie is a conceptual modern wine brand that targets young professionals with a niche taste. The modern and sophisticated design celebrates the art of wine, making it easy for readers of all levels to understand and enjoy.


With abstract illustrations and neon colours, we aim to attract our younger target audience.


With the title 'A guide to good wine', this brochure becomes an informative but fun to read material. The combination of a modern sans-serif font, and a classy serif font created a sophisticated yet trendy visual language.


Combining Artist Endre Penovác's etheral ink cat with some original wine bottle line drawings, this mixed media approach helps our audience understands what kind of brand Lady Prairie is.

Project IMAGes