Macao City Rebrand

A City Rebranding project

Project Summary

This project is a rebranding initiative for Macau, a small city located in southeast China and also my hometown. The tiny island has always been recognized for its gambling industry, but little did people know that it is also a destination with 28 UNESCO heritages. The brief was to create a new branding for Macau that would attract more international cultural travelers.


This individual project began with a lot of research. Even though Macau is my hometown, I had to learn more about its history in order to create a new identity that speaks for the city.


After creating the logo, I used the curvy elements to create more illustrations that represent the city's architectural gems.

Social Media

The most economical and convenient way to attract international travelers is through the use of social media. Therefore, I have also created a series of conceptual ads that the tourism board could use.


Using assets that I created with Illustrator, I integrated them into After Effects and made a few animated ads, making them more eye-catching and immersive for the viewers.

Project IMAGes