Penguin Igloo

Shared Reading Space

Project Summary

Penguin wishes to channel its unique spirit of invention and accessibility to enhance the reading experience for time-poor 18 to 30-year-olds, who grew up alongside the rise of the internet, and are keen on consuming ethical products and hope to have a positive impact on the world.

The challenge is to create a service that could enhance the reading experience of these young readers without developing things such as apps and large-scale events. 


D&AD, Design and Art Direction, is a British educational organisation that was created in 1962 to promote excellence in design and advertising. This brief was created by them as a problem to their annual new blood competition.


Using the brand pack provided by D&AD and Penguin, I created an extended logo and colour system. Since it's a D&AD brief I can go all the way without worrying that I'll violate their brand guidelines.


I have created penguin mascots engaged in various activities representing the young demographic in our target audience.


The deliverables for this project include a design for a reading booth, a visual system guide, and a Spotify playlist tailored for readers of each genre.

Project IMAGes